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Thanks for donations to the film

Dear friends,

I have been emailing each of you donators as time permits to thank you personally, but as support has grown so rapidly, I just want to make sure to say a loud and clear “thank you“ to any whom I haven’t contacted as yet. It gives me such hope and inspiration when I see a new name added to our list! You people who are making sure our film gets made. Thank you most importantly for your prayerful attention.

Yesterday I had lunch with the main group of The Mark Twain Project, in charge of the Twain letters and papers at the Bancroft Library, the largest collection of Twain material in the world, on the campus at Berkeley, Ca., and the conversation was again positive and lively. I wish I had recorded it. They are having a celebration on the 17th for the UC PRESS launch of their new autobiography of Mark Twain which they have kindly invited me to.

Last week I held Twain’s personal copy of Science and Health in my hand. We know he had more than one copy, but this particular one had markings and notes in pencil on the margins that really stood out as important points. Perhaps I will detail my thoughts at another time regarding this extraordinary experience.

Thanks again and tell a friend — Visit the support page for details on how to donate.

Val and all the gang at

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  1. Annet Ummels-Majolee says:

    Dear Val,

    It must have very special to have hold mr Twain’s personal copy of Science and Health with his personal notes. As Mrs Eddy and Mr Twain have inspired you, you (with your work as an actor and as a humanitarian) have inspired many others.
    I truly hope you dreams will come true and the Twain/Eddy film will be as you have pictured and planned it.

    As you have many fans/friends on facebook a link is placed there.

    God bless, Annet

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