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Val reads from Twain’s autobiography at Berkeley

Val Kilmer was featured as Twain in voice recordings and a film at the official book launch for Mark Twain’s recently-published autobiography. The event took place at the Doe Library on the campus of UC Berkeley. Read more at A Berkeley celebration of Mark Twain.

Here are two audio excerpts from Twain’s autobiography read by Val:

4 Responses to “Val reads from Twain’s autobiography at Berkeley”

  1. Thanks for posting both links to your looping presence at the Berkeley event. The article links to your work (both horrifying and inspiring) was a bonus.
    Reader comments seem to prefer debating the cost of the Mark Twain Papers to UC rather than noting your film and its MBEddy focus. But article’s links make it easy for curious readers to visit this page.
    Grateful for the film project and the benefits it will bring to ALL. Thank you, Kilmerfilms.

  2. Angela says:

    Listening to these authentic-sounding audios I felt like I was a little one, all cosy in a blanket,lovingly being told bedtime stories by my Grandpa.

  3. Nancy Gieseking says:

    Ahh, Youth!

  4. Christa Mountain says:

    Dear Val and Team,
    Epiphany; by Jove….today it came to me why Twain was drawn to Eddy. It was this recording. Twain was discovering the “daystar”, “the Comforter” as Christian Science has been referred to. In Science, Jesus beheld the “perfect man”. By holding him in thought, he shined the light of Truth on the world and this revealed the “true man”. That is why Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. Mark Twain was seeking peace. In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes, “The Wise-men were led to behold and to follow this daystar of divine Science, lighting the way to eternal harmony…” (preface vii) To behold or hold onto the Truth about God and man. Merry Christmas!

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