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Val Kilmer starring in new film by Francis Ford Coppola

In this audio clip, Val shares some news about his new film with Francis Ford Coppola and some developments on his work on the Twain Eddy film. ยป Listen

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  1. Mary M. Hind says:

    Hello Val,
    I am overwhelmed, and so happy in your endeavor. I would gladly volunteer my services in any way I could.
    To me this is monumental… and I think in a big step in spreading the Truth, just what Christian Science is.
    So many are ignorant and as I try to enlighten them they look to me as just Mary (as Jesus was looked upon in His own town.) this is a way to bring the awareness of Christian Science to this world in a much greater light.
    I volunteer my services to this endeavor completely if the need arises.
    I know God is with you….

  2. Mary M. Hind says:

    Have you ever heard of the movie “Time Changer” it can be found on Well it was created by a group of people… Five and Two Productions in Hollywood. they are in association with Christians Film Group.
    Well… they are committed to bringing the word of God to this world. They don’t know Christian Science but I am sure that they would want to be apart of this movie… you should contact them..

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