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A New Year’s card

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Dear Supporters,

I am very grateful for your generosity and kindness. We have a long way to go before our film is financed, but there has been a weekly increase of donors and this is energizing and exciting news for us all. I have made a crucial decision to sell my home so that I might continue the momentum that is required to create a film as unique as its subject.

Many sacrifices have been made by sincere and righteous people who have accepted even an urgent need to act more publicly or openly through many avenues of communication since Mrs. Eddy first made public her insights and discoveries over a hundred years ago. The idea of supporting those deeply dedicated to a life of selfless assistance to the needy through an artistic and poetic expression such as film, is a genuinely humbling and enriching experience.

I also intend to perform a one man show of Mark Twain, which will be a very different experience and tone than our film, but will afford me the opportunity to reach out to our nation and perhaps briefly, the world, as I prepare the role of this inspiring and tragic American icon for the screen. I have not afforded myself the opportunity to create the role, as I am wearing the hats of writer and director and for the moment, sole producer as well, and have for over 6 years now.

There have been a keen number of people whose sensitive dedication to this project have made it possible, and I especially want to reach out to you in thanks, as we start a genuinely new year, and one I hope, full of power and grace.


Val Kilmer