Mark Twain & Mary Baker Eddy - A film by Val Kilmer


Minnie Weygandt

Minnie Weygandt, 58, originally from Iowa, has served as Eddy’s cook and housekeeper for a decade. A farm girl at heart, she left her home in the dead of winter to travel to Pleasant View and has brought a strong, warm-hearted presence to the home. In addition to keeping everyone well-fed, she is an amateur photographer and, along with Calvin Frye, enjoys taking behind-the-scenes shots of Eddy and the staff.

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93 Responses to “Minnie Weygandt”

  1. Lisa says:

    Shirley Cheechoo has the ability to bring her amazing acting skills and personal strength to the roll. In my opinion, she would be the right choice for the part.

  2. Angela says:

    Okay Lisa, I could see Shirley Cheechoo in this role too, but who jumped out to me because I think she could play her “strong, warm-hearted presence” even though I’ve seen her play some mean characters but Imelda Staunton jumps out at me.

  3. Simone W. Montgomery says:

    Kathy Bates has portrayed many no-nonsense type woman with a “go get it done” attitude, and I could envision her with a camera, sort of making her own Facebook page for Pleasant View!

  4. Audrey Wemigwans says:

    Shirley has done some amazing work in film and theatre. Would love to see her play Minnie Weygandt!

  5. My vote goes to Shirley Cheechoo. Shirley is a very fine, nuanced strong actor.

  6. Rodney Commanda says:

    Shirley Cheechoo has my vote if ever I had a vote. There is something that cannot be mimiced outside of living on a reserve, to truly capture the tone within the essance of a person, you will need the experiences of a native life behind the voice portayed. No truer words were ever said than “we shall endeavour to persevere” of a native life.

  7. Kathy Bates came to mind, she resembles Minnie

  8. daisy says:

    I vote for Shirley!

  9. Ian Ross says:

    I’d definately go with Shirley Cheechoo. Great lady and a great actress!

  10. Josh says:

    There isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that Shirley Cheechoo would be the perfect actress to play the part, her skills as an actress are noteworthy and she is an all around good person!

  11. Amanda O'Leary says:

    I think Shirley Cheechoo has the ability and clout to balance Val Kilmer’s screen presence. There would be very interesting chemistry between them. Shirley is a smart, determined, unwavering go getter.

  12. Dalemarie Davis says:

    Have you thought about having someone with culinary leanings and experience? She could cook for the actors!! Authenically. Perhaps a lady who has hosted many dinners which are church friends? I know a lady who has been a good friend of mine for ten or so years. She would be THE perfect one!! Also, I myself am 51 and pleasingly plump! My hat is in the ring, too!! I’m Dalemarie Davis.

  13. angie says:

    kathy bates

  14. linda says:

    Kathy Bates!

  15. Karisma Wintak says:

    I agree, Kathy Bates!

  16. jan says:

    Kathy Bates or Edie McClurg

  17. Debbie Debassige says:

    I would vote for Shirley Cheechoo…she knows how to capture the audience’s attention

  18. Doris Temme says:

    I agree with Kathy Baker

  19. Breanne says:

    Although Cheechoo is an amazing actor, the one who comes to mind for me is Tantoo Cardinal. Cardianl will make you laugh, cry and ride the emotinal roller coaster. I love watching Tantoo! She has my vote.

  20. nicole says:

    Shirley Cheechoo would do justice to the part and I agree with Amanda ‘ that there would be some interesting chemistry!

  21. Lillian says:

    I vote for Shirley Cheechoo! Val and Shirley..sounds great already!

    She’s got amazing talent! She can play any role she sets her mind to!

  22. Jeremy Hogarth says:

    I’d seriously consider Shirley Cheechoo for this – she has an inner strength and depth that comes from a deep knowledge of the world and what the world can bring to a person – both good and bad.

  23. David Ring says:

    There is no question Kathy Bates could do this. Let me suggest a long shot that might be fun because it would seem to be casting against type. I don’t know how you have written this part so I could be missing the mark. It probably would have been helpful to have some sample dialogue in addition to the character bio. Think Bet Midler. She has the warmth and spirit that I think the bio conveys. She also has the kind of playful nature that would have fun taking shots of the household. She just might be a lot of fun to work with… then again maybe she doesn’t do midwestern accents and would be a bit pricy for your modest budget, but it sure is fun to picture her doing something like this my imagination.

  24. Clopin says:

    Dianne Wiest, Bette Midler or Kathy Bates

  25. Amalia says:

    Margo Martindale.

  26. Lynne says:

    Absolutely Kathy Bates!

  27. Alan says:

    Kathy Bates.

  28. Teresa Tromp says:

    Dana Wheeler Nicholson

  29. Michelle says:

    Kathy Bates

  30. Shirley Schoenherr Carey says:

    Paula Deen

  31. Keitha says:

    Shirley Cheechoo is whom I would vote for. She will do this role justice.

  32. brwneyedtina says:

    Kathy Bates is perfect for this role.

  33. heather dale says:

    hee hee hee….Kathy Lamkin
    all the way ; )

  34. heather dale says:

    ….okay, yeah, kathy bates would be brilliant too…and this kind of thing seems like it’d be right up her alley : )

  35. Christina says:

    Conchata Ferrell or Kathy Bates

  36. Mary Beeman says:

    On this one I agree with most — Kathy Bates!

    But also – Bonnie Bedelia

  37. Jeph Ree says:

    I strongly suggest Shirley Cheechoo for this presence and talent would fit for a project of someone so deserving.

  38. Kat says:

    Elaine Miles.

  39. Kat says:

    Kathleen Turner. Taking back my last suggestion agewise.

  40. scottie wilkerson says:

    Conchata Ferrell

  41. Alice Searcy says:

    Rosie O Donnel

  42. tawmy says:

    Minnie Weygandt would best be portrayed by Kathy Bates.

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