Mark Twain & Mary Baker Eddy - A film by Val Kilmer


Calvin A. Frye

Calvin A. Frye, 60, is Mrs. Eddy’s right-hand man who serves as her personal assistant, secretary, bookkeeper, coachman, aide, steward, spokesman, confidant, and metaphysical physician. He has been at her side for 25 years without a day’s vacation ever since her husband’s untimely death. A widower himself, Frye is a plain, plump, fastidious and fussy man who constantly disappoints Eddy with his limitations and lack of grace but who is unquestionably loyal.

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166 Responses to “Calvin A. Frye”

  1. Robin Williams……but seriously, I also think Robert Duvall would be good.

  2. Katie says:

    The first to come to my mind is Dennis Hopper. But Dustin Hoffman would also be a good choice.

  3. Victoria Cook says:

    Don Johnson!?

  4. Kelly says:

    I think David Strathairn would be great in this role.

  5. Rebekah Ricks says:

    Fred Ward

  6. Randy says:

    Robin Williams was my first choice. He has the character and depth to pull it off. David Strathairn would be excellent. He was so good in “Good Night and Good Luck.”

  7. J. Miller says:

    Powers Booth – he was excellent in Deadwood

  8. Gail Burkett says:

    Robert Duvall

  9. mark says:

    Dan Ackroyd

  10. Diana says:

    James Cromwell

  11. Karen says:

    I enjoy Harrison Ford’s work. He’s very committed to the role that’s portrayed.

  12. Dawn says:

    Ed Gero. He’s an actor who was the subject of a Washington Post Magazine cover story about 7-8 months ago who is a drop-dead gifted character actor who could feast on any of the open male roles in this project. His name is Ed Gero. Ed Gero can do this.

  13. Melinda says:

    One of the greatest (and my favorite) actors of today, Robert Duvall, would be wonderful.

  14. Sara says:

    Paul Giamatti

  15. Windy says:

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman or Paul Giamatti. Dennis Hopper, sadly, is no longer available (RIP).

  16. Grace says:

    Sorry, posted my comment under the directors notes – Sean Penn immediately came to my mind.

  17. Bruce says:

    Robert Duvall even looks a bit like Frye.

  18. Rich says:

    Definately Paul Giamatti

  19. Kim Korinek says:

    Another vote for Robert Duvall.

  20. David Strathairn, or Paul Giamatti as said he’s great :) ! But, David has the same wild dark eyes.

  21. Ros Christian says:

    My first thought was Robert Duvall. He is a great character actor.

  22. Eva says:

    Robert Duvall, Robert Foxworth

  23. Kathryn says:

    Robert Duvall would bring great insight into the spiritual character of Calvin Frye as well as his human temperament, in addition to his world-class acting ability and obvious similarity in physical appearance. I vote for Robert Duvall and hope he is considering it.

  24. Robert Duvall, of course. The only choice I had, immediately came to mind without reading others’ ideas.

  25. Nilda says:

    Hands down… Robert Duvall.

  26. Terry says:

    Jeffrey DeMunn (The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile)

  27. Kit Fuchs says:

    This HAS to be Robert Duvall–THE EYES!

  28. Daniel says:

    Ian McShane

  29. lesley says:

    Matthew McConaughey.

  30. Hands down, without question, beyond a shadow of a doubt (why are we even still discussing this?), Robert Duvall.

  31. Al Pacino. Just look at his eyes — and then look at Calvin Frye’s eyes. Now add a moustache. Oh yes. And Al is still young enough to do the age range from when Mrs. Eddy first meets him (with some creative, cool make-up), and then on through the 28 years of service.

    I love Robert Duvall, but just not sure he’s the right one/look for this part.

  32. sherrie L.C. says:

    Donald Sutherland, Robert Duvall or Guy Pearce.. Guy Pearce is a bit younger but I think he would do an excellent job. :)

  33. CAF says:

    Robert Duvall. No question.

  34. Joe says:

    Ben Kingsley

  35. Simone W. Montgomery says:

    Robert Duvall fits the part. Perhaps Mary Steenburgen’s own husband, Ted Danson would also make a fine match.

  36. Dean Luetgert says:

    In terms of facial expressions, physical appearance, etc., there”s plenty to
    pick from the pot, however, and not to sound negative, but it will prove
    interesting to see all these characters in action, since history has only offered us photographs; and the same applies to their voices, ie Mrs.
    Eddy was, on more than one occasion, said to have had a musical voice?

    Thanks to Val Kilmer for following through with this wonderful project!

  37. Bueller says:


  38. David says:

    Robert Duvall.

  39. adrienne says:

    John Goodman

  40. Sarah L says:

    Robert Duvall

  41. JESS says:

    sam sheppard

  42. George says:

    Jonathan Pryce

  43. Scott says:

    Robert Duvall. Not only does he look like Calvin Frye, but he will understand him.

  44. Marianne says:

    Definitely Robert Duvall.

  45. steve mayer says:

    david bowie wonderfull an under rated actor

  46. Robert Duvall looks like Calvin Frye, is already familiar with Christian Science and would probably feel it a real privilege to take on this part.

  47. My vote for Paul Giamatti.

  48. Cindy says:

    William Sanderson

  49. Robert Morse on Mad Men, who plays the eccentric Cooper, might be perfect.

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