Mark Twain & Mary Baker Eddy - A film by Val Kilmer


Calvin A. Frye

Calvin A. Frye, 60, is Mrs. Eddy’s right-hand man who serves as her personal assistant, secretary, bookkeeper, coachman, aide, steward, spokesman, confidant, and metaphysical physician. He has been at her side for 25 years without a day’s vacation ever since her husband’s untimely death. A widower himself, Frye is a plain, plump, fastidious and fussy man who constantly disappoints Eddy with his limitations and lack of grace but who is unquestionably loyal.

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166 Responses to “Calvin A. Frye”

  1. Robert Duvall… perfect for the role.

  2. Ann says:

    Victor Garber
    A strong, yet gentle personality that would meld perfectly with Mrs. Eddy.

  3. Karen Winans says:

    I think Robert Duvall would do an excellent job after reading your description of Calvin Frye’s personality

  4. Keith Lockridge says:

    This is the role for Dustin Hoffman.

  5. Anna Moellering says:

    I agree that Robert Duvall would be perfect, he has the warmth and compassion that I visualize Calvin Frye had.

  6. Petra K. says:

    agree with Robert Duvall

  7. Perhaps one could visualize John Goodman here.

  8. Shelagh Reddy says:

    I too agree that Robert Duvall would do this part a great justice.

  9. Chris says:

    David Suchet – perhaps best kown for his TV portrayals of Poirot, but and exceptional actor and would be great in this role.

  10. Helmut P. says:

    I would like to suggest Ben Kinsley.
    Besides other important roles he played Itzhak Stern in “Schindlers Ark” by Spielberg – as secretary for a cause, that would save the lives of many in a disastrous time.
    Kinsley has the depth to play the “spiritual” and “enduring” and whatever is needed to play the role of Calvin A. Frye.

  11. rita says:

    Duvall is a good choice but I was originally thinking Robert DiNiro

  12. Nona Ubiznez says:

    Robert Duval or Christopher Plummer

  13. Nancy says:

    I agree, Robert Duvall… perfect for the role.

  14. Lori says:

    I was thinking Sam Shepherd could play this role.

  15. I had mentioned Phillip Seymour Hoffman for another role but maybe he’d be better in this. The Calvin Frye role as described is a little like his role in Charlie Wilson’s War. I watched that movie several times just to speed through and stop whenever Hoffman was in the scene. Robert Duvall looks like him and can play anything but nope, I’m thinking PSH is perfect for this role.

  16. Shelagh Reddy says:

    Gordon Pinsent is a thought.

  17. Ginny Nilsen says:

    Kevin Spacey would do an amazing job with the right make-up.

  18. P. Wright says:

    Jason Alexander comes to mind; he has played a variety of characters very well (and he’s “plump”); Fry’s description sounds a little like the character “George Castanza” played by Jason Alexander in the TV program “Seinfeld.”

  19. Christina says:

    Robert Duvull I can also picture joaquin phoenix

  20. rob says:

    Robert De Niro or what about Jeff Bridges

  21. Alis says:

    Ben Kingley or Dustin Hoffman

  22. Mary Boynton says:

    I would cast a Christian Scientist that is a good actor who lives in Princeton, NJ, he name is Curtis Kaine, his address is 1325 Stuart Rd and can be reached possibly at Tenacre, a C.S. Nursing Facility in Princeton, NJ.

  23. David says:

    Christopher Plummer

  24. Kim says:

    My first thought was Robert Duvall except I can’t see him as a secretary or bookkeeper. My thoughts then turned to Anthony Hopkins. I feel that he would make a great Calvin Frye.

  25. Shepherd Griffin says:

    David Patrick Kelly … Some of the above are good. When I looked into his eyes on the photo, that is who I saw. Looking forward!

  26. Martha Holt says:

    Robert Duvall came to mind immediately as he has always done such a great job in some of Horton Foote’s productions.

  27. French-guy Hugo says:

    Alan Arkin

  28. Gaye McMullen says:

    Robert Duvall just like others have mention would be good. He is my first thought for this role.

  29. vicki says:

    robert duvall

  30. Jennifer Davis says:

    Sam Elliott

  31. Nancy says:

    Richard Dreyfuss

  32. Christine says:

    Andy Garcia

  33. Judy P says:

    Robert Duvall. He is an honorable and outstanding character actor perfect to portray Mr. Frye’s less gracious yet unreservably loyal staff role — an indispensable assistant whom Mrs. Eddy healed of the dream of death on at least two occasions (book ref: Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer, Amplified).

  34. Calvin Frye had a unique temperament which supported Eddy’s work in a way that others could not have. His absolute commitment to Eddy’s work, his recognition of her unique contribution and his tireless patience are all qualities I think Robert DuVall could portray with understanding. As well as the twinkle in Frye’s eyes!

  35. Mark says:

    Robert Duvall with Dustin Hoffman as his understudy! :)

  36. Mia says:

    Robert Duvall is absolutely the perfect choice for Calvin Frye.

  37. Cindy says:

    Robert Duvall is the first person who came to mind, and he is also a Christian Scientist, so he would have an affinity for the project.

  38. Cindy says:

    Richard Dreyfuss is another possibility.

  39. Patti says:

    Definitely Robert Duvall

  40. Mary Stalnaker says:

    Jack Nicholson. He sounds perfect!

  41. Debra K. says:

    Jeff Bridges

  42. Bev Newsham says:

    Definitely Robert Duvall!! He’s a Christian Scientist, went to Principia College and has the right thought and sense of humor and physical looks for the part. Get on the phone with him right now before he gets booked up!! P.S. I love that you’re involving all of “Us” in this!! So very cool!

  43. Mary says:

    Stanley Tucci would be my first choice, followed by Ben Kingsley.

  44. Sheryl says:

    Robert Duvall came to mind immediately. He is a wonderful actor and is a Christian Scientist and would understand the role.

  45. Sherry says:

    Michael Gross

  46. Malene Kofod says:

    Viggo Mortensen

    He would be great in this role I’m sure, he was amazing in Good, Eastern Promises and The Road!

  47. Dalemarie Davis says:

    Patrick Stewart.

  48. Sara Hurd says:

    Tony Shalhoub

  49. Amalia says:

    Just to name a few great actors.

    Patrick Bauchau

    Join Voight
    Ralph Fiennes.

  50. Kirsti says:

    Haha, this may sound crazy but…the character described reminds me of…Dennis Leary from the Thomas Crowne Affair. His character wanted Renee Russo but couldn’t have her, cuz the main thing SHE wanted was Pierce Brosnan. (Just like Ms Eddy wants something other than Calvin Frye; same thing only different) Wow, this Calvin Frye was her metaphysical physician too? Jeepers Yeah, some of those others might be more right for the role. I can see them doing it. But Dennis Leary has passion. It would be sort’ve funny to see him doing that role, straight faced. If he could pull off the accent and the respectfullness and all that (which I think maybe he could, but the plumpness maybe not). Especially if you cast Renee Russo as Ms Eddy, because I sort’ve wanted him to get her back in The Thomas Crowne Affair, and once again it wouldn’t happen. Bummer! No offense to Pierce Brosnan, who did look great with Renee and was very enjoyable in his role. But, yeah, your Robert Duvalls and all the rest, lots of amazing actors suggested so far.

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