Mark Twain & Mary Baker Eddy - A film by Val Kilmer

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What would you ask Eddy if you ran into her in an elevator?

Again, more of our favorite questions submitted on our Facebook page. Here’s your answer to what some of the Twain Eddy Film team members would ask her too. What would you say?

What would you ask Eddy if you ran into her in the elevator?

  • How did she recognize she could heal herself AND point the way for others to do the same?
  • I’d be really selfish about it: can you heal me?
  • I think I’d just give her a big hug (but try not to startle her too much)!
  • I would ask her how she envisions the presence of Church online.
  • Do you sail? Or go by steamboat?
  • I’d ask her what God had revealed to her that day.
  • How can I help you?
  • Val Kilmer, Twain Eddy Film team member: “Would you consider Calvin Frye as your best friend since losing your husband?” I know, this seems trite, in light of, “What does Revelation feel like?” But this is the first thing I thought of when I read this. Also, “Why didn’t you let it be more widely known that you raised Mr. Frye from the grave?”
  • Twain Eddy Film team member: What do you think of Facebook?
  • Twain Eddy Film team member: How the heck did you manage to love people who hated you so much?
  • Twain Eddy Film team member: What advice would you have for us in the 21st century?

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13 Responses to “What would you ask Eddy if you ran into her in an elevator?”

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  2. Penny says:

    I would ask her, if she didn’t mind if I asked her apersonal question, then “What happened to your son? Did you ever get him back? How do you feel about that?” If more time and she felt like talking, I’d ask her about hte slaves she freed, if she stayed in touch with them and knew how things turned out for them, and if that affected her personal financial situation negatively (freing them after her husband’s death)? and, I’d ask her what illness she actually had, if she even knew. Because it’s not clear to me what sicknesses she suffered from. Perhaps you folks know, having studied her…

  3. Courtenay Rule says:

    She didn’t get her son back during his childhood – he was an adult when they found each other again many years later. They stayed in touch, but never had as close a relationship as Eddy would have liked – he’d become quite a rough, worldly (though good-hearted) man, and never really understood her commitment to the spiritual path she’d been developing since their separation. Sadly, in her later years, he was persuaded to turn against her and support the “Next Friends” lawsuit (which aimed to prove her incompetence and take away control of her property and affairs from her).
    The slaves being freed incident is a fuzzy part of her history – her first husband wasn’t rich (he was a building contractor), and couldn’t have owned many slaves, if any; he may have hired them rather than owning them. There’s no evidence she kept in touch with them, which probably would have been difficult (or even dangerous) for a white woman to do in pre-Civil War America.
    It’s also uncertain what specific illnesses she suffered from, as diagnostic medicine wasn’t very advanced then; she seems to have had severe digestive difficulties and some kind of spinal problem. But it is clear that her “discovery of Christian Science” – as she later called her sudden healing experience in 1866 – was the crucial turning point. From there on in, she went from being frequently bedridden to remarkably active and driven by her complete dedication to her one “Cause”, for her remaining 45 years.

  4. Penny says:

    Thanks Courtenay!

  5. Angela says:

    It’s funny, I think we are all trained to feel miserable and unhappy and feel self loathing for one reason or another. But I think that is why God is so important, the principles behind most spirituality is about love and purpose and knowing that we are meant to be happy, that everyone of us has value, which we are meant to contribute our positive value to the world, that we are meant to individually add to the positive evolution of humanity one step, one piece at a time. Individually each contribution adds up to a great difference in the big picture. Sorry feeling very philosophical today more than usual.

  6. Bernice Policastro says:

    Mary Baker Eddy: Perhaps I would ask her about her spiritual awakening. I would ask her if she finally felt Love, self love and if that was the most important major aspect of her healing. We all know that we have to feel in harmony with ourselves for our own well being and that to learn this there has to be some sort of spiritual awakening in ourselves and I find that when we the students are ready, the teacher will appear.
    I also wonder about her self worth and value, and how she felt about that prior to having that spiritual awakening.
    I know that when I had mine that I couldn’t describe the feeling of love that came over me, it was so encompassing that the feeling just spread, it’s inspiration, desire, joy, harmony, recognizing that there are things in your life that you don’t need any longer to experience this type of existence, mostly what is ever holding you back from your meaningful purpose. It’s Finding your God and emulating him/her.
    Now if Mary Baker Eddy would only answer me, lol

  7. Angela says:

    :) I know if only she would answer Bernice :)

    I think from that train of thought I might ask her:
    How does she hold on to that feeling of love even when people try to take all of your energy trying to distract you or since they can’t understand how you can try to be positive, so they try to throw at you as many negatives as they can to try to break you, what are some things that help her when she might be tired?

  8. Bernice Policastro says:

    Good Question Angela!
    I can’t answer for Mary Baker Eddy but I do think that when that negative energy is propounded on you by people who can’t understand you and are critical of you.
    Sometimes you have to take a step back, look inside yourself and draw upon your self love, seek your God, and reflect on all the good that surrounds you, not on that negative energy, or those negative people. Remove them for your life, your vocabulary and your thoughts. Focus on the Love that surrounds you.
    Also becoming one with the beauty of nature,it centers you when you are tired. A walk in the woods, a swim in a mountain stream or turquois ocean, viewing nature in all aspects.
    Maybe these are some of the things she might have done.

  9. Penny says:

    I’d say (lol)…”Hi. How are you? Wow, you look just like Mary Baker Eddy!”

  10. Penny says:

    Nice advice, Bernice.

  11. Doris Temme says:

    Mrs. Eddy, how do you feel about women suffrage?

  12. Jen says:

    I would ask Mary Baker Eddy, “Which Bible passage do you think is most helpful in the healing process?”

    Also, which seems like a cliche I know, but really…. “How do you heal a broken heart?”

  13. Did you understand, at the time, that your words were capable of teaching all men through their own reflection? You said once that “Death and Life are in the Tone.” Is that why you held & carried yourself the way you did? Did you know that a little boy (somewhere) would grow up with a desire to honor you someday, as his life’s work? Are you proud of him?

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