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Weekly thoughts..

I’m celebrating my health in public and sharing my best work with my community during these emotional times, and yet the press wrote last week was that I was “denying the rumors of my illness…”

What would they have me do? Dance in the streets? And why would I lie about something so glorious as a healing? What’s the motive? Don’t we have bigger fish to fry?

My daughter literally “brought a cup of cold water…” to the protesters who had walked so many miles yesterday. Regardless of which side you’re on, we should never judge the nurses of the world, reaching out to help. Even a bottle of water to a thirsty kid out on the street trying to make sense of his or her America.

I wrote CITIZEN TWAIN partly because I love our country so much and Twain takes on so many ideas with more grace and humor than I can muster. Man is he funny. Did you all see SNL last night? David Chappelle ended his opening so eloquently and said he’s going to give Trump a chance- and he on behalf of the disenfranchised demanded he do the same for them. When a comedian can earn the right to be so solemn and so correct, he deserves all our praise and attention. Comedy is clarity and no one in our history cut thru ignorance and racism cleaner than Mark Twain.

I’m still recovering my voice but I was raging in Pasadena when we filmed my play in 2013. I’m so glad I can contribute some laughs amidst all these tears…

Thanks for all your support and hope I see you on the 17th in Westwood. Check my website for other dates up and down the west coast ending in San Jose on Dec. 29th and 30th.’

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