Mark Twain & Mary Baker Eddy - A film by Val Kilmer


Mark Twain

Mark Twain :: Mark Twain is the funniest man alive in 1909, the year our story takes place. He is the nation’s first social commentator of current events in the spirit of Lenny Bruce – the world’s first international “pop star.” Tom Sawyer is alive and well in the impish twinkle of his piercing eyes. With his crazy white hair and giant moustache, he is larger than life.

  • Played by Val Kilmer

9 Responses to “Mark Twain”

  1. connie mabry says:

    I think you would be great for this role, obviously, since it is your idea you will bring what you are really looking for to this very interesting man.

  2. connie mabry says:

    As a lifelong, and 5 generational Christian Scientist, myself, I am thinking that Meryl Streep would be the perfect Mary Baker Eddy. I believe she would be able to portray her in the manner befitting her.

  3. Samuel Harris says:

    Val Kilmer looks like Mark Twain- that’s a good start. His short film makes you believe you are watching real footage of Twain. In 1909 that was possible.
    Hal Holbrook is excellent and has been doing Twain so long, I think he may have turned into Twain! -but is he too old now?

  4. Val, You well be wonderful in the role of Mark Twain and producing this great story. What an amazing project! My Grandmother and Uncle Robert Lane were Christian Scientist and actor and actress. There personal stories are a reflection of there passion for the inspiration Mary Baker Eddy gave to them through her example. Robert was a life member of Sag. Robert Lane was Gordon McCrae’s stand in and Grandma Lane played the mother in the movie Angel Baby. I would love to play the role of Mary Baker Eddy and work with you as a third generation actress. Aloha from Hawaii, Angelina Andria

  5. Christa Mountain says:

    Dear Val and Twaineddy team,
    On my way to Association this weekend, I found a brief advertisement about Mark Twain on the flight entitled, “Celebrating Life and Work of Mark Twain”! Apparently, there is to be a showing this fall through January 2nd, a show entitled “Mark Twain; A Skeptic’s Progress.” Go to or call 212-685-0008. The Morgan Library & Museum in conjuntion with the New York Public Library is having this exhibit of an extensive collection of Twain related items, including handwritten manuscripts, letters and diaries; rare editions of some of Twain’s most famous works; photographs of the author; and artifacts from his life. They are marking the long awaited publishing event of the release of the first three volumes containing Twain’s autobiography which he requested not be released until 100 years after his death. I am posting here for anyone who might be interested and hoping that this might be helpful for the journey. Most Sincerely, Christa Mountain Lynn, MA

  6. Teresa says:

    Dear Mr. Kilmer,

    You are genius at playing eccentric type people. It is truly your forte.
    You will become Mark Twain, I have no doubt.
    God be with you,

  7. Hope to see this film. I think you will do well…

  8. JoAnne Lively says:

    You, Mr. Kilmer – excellent portrayal, and, because “I’m your Huckleberry”.

  9. Lisa says:

    I always enjoyed to read mark twain, especially his “funny/happy” stories, live is divided between tragedy and laughter – being “a realy happy girl” living in new zealand – I tend do be drawn to the sunny side of live…
    Val, you rock! :) Lisa

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