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A New Year’s card

Dear Supporters,

I am very grateful for your generosity and kindness. We have a long way to go before our film is financed, but there has been a weekly increase of donors and this is energizing and exciting news for us all. I have made a crucial decision to sell my home so that I might continue the momentum that is required to create a film as unique as its subject.

Many sacrifices have been made by sincere and righteous people who have accepted even an urgent need to act more publicly or openly through many avenues of communication since Mrs. Eddy first made public her insights and discoveries over a hundred years ago. The idea of supporting those deeply dedicated to a life of selfless assistance to the needy through an artistic and poetic expression such as film, is a genuinely humbling and enriching experience.

I also intend to perform a one man show of Mark Twain, which will be a very different experience and tone than our film, but will afford me the opportunity to reach out to our nation and perhaps briefly, the world, as I prepare the role of this inspiring and tragic American icon for the screen. I have not afforded myself the opportunity to create the role, as I am wearing the hats of writer and director and for the moment, sole producer as well, and have for over 6 years now.

There have been a keen number of people whose sensitive dedication to this project have made it possible, and I especially want to reach out to you in thanks, as we start a genuinely new year, and one I hope, full of power and grace.


Val Kilmer

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  1. naima Oettinger says:

    Thank you Val to give us some news about this project.
    I wish you this year a successful production.
    I really share with you what it can be and I know exactly what is the price to built an independant production for a project close to your heart,
    it the story of my life !!
    So don’t give up !!!
    I unfortunatly can’t help financially, but if you need any contribution using my skills or time, I would be really happy to think about it with you.
    It seems to me as a major task to give a large audience to Mrs Eddy’s work and methodology of Christian Science.
    Our world need it,
    our children need it and the truth itself need it…
    Loads of encouragement, kindness and strengh to support you….

  2. Wendy Lee says:

    Hi Val,
    It is always a nice little surprise to find one of your beautiful letters posted online, including this one filled with much heartfelt gratitude towards your supporters of this very special project you are developing into film. In harmony with others who appreciate your work, dedication, and your meticulous attention to detail… believe your endeavors will shine through with the perfect power of love. Hopefully all of us will be able to see your coordinating Mark Twain one man shows too, with rays of light already shining from the video clips in reference to Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy film. They are leaving an impression on us with your entertaining emulations, noting Mark Twain doesn’t need an identical twin, he has you from his future and our present time. It sounds like you have a terrific Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy team helping also. I wish you all the best with raising finances for this project so dear to your heart and soul. My family and I, are in the process of moving to another city which is keeping us busy this year, but I will be sure to support your efforts and help spread the word on your film. May God Bless you and guide your talented craft in this production for America and the world to see. :)

    Opeace,Xlove, and Olight

  3. Bradley Pettit says:

    I am not a Christian Scientist, but I recognize a good story when I see one. I have been touched by a number of things Mary Baker Eddy published, and I am a big fan of the Christian Science Monitor. That being said, I think it is wonderful what Mr. Kilmer and his team are striving to accomplish with this film, and I hope that, with everyone’s cooperation and help, that this film will come to fruition very quickly and be a raging success! God bless projects like this one. They are few and far between, but when they come along it provides us with a rare opportunity to experience something truthful and original through cinema! God bless you all, and way to go, Val!

  4. Annet says:

    Dear Val,

    Thank you for your kind words. I wish you and your wonderful Twain/Eddy film team lots of love, peace and wisdom for in the comming year. It’s great that all the people that also work with you on this film are also mentioned and thanked, not all of them are always noticed. I do hope that you will find help soon with all the work you have to do on your own. It is hard to get everything sorted out and done under normal circumstances but it is even harder if you are also making films in the proces. However, in this way you can do everything your way and you don’t have to answer or explain yourself to anyone. I’m glad that I finally have found something that I can help you with, make a donation. You inspire me and many others with your on and off screen activities and now I can do something for you. If you want to make a film that does just to all characters it isn’t going to be cheap and you have to do it right. Selling your ranch really shows how dedicated you are in making this film. Not that anyone doubted that though. I wish you (and your team) all the luck and hope the finances will be such that you can start soon with filming. I’ll say a prayer and light a candle for you.

    God bless and love and life, Annet

  5. Best of luck on your film Val. Been following your acting career since I was a kid (started with your good looks and am now thoroughly impressed with the films you’ve been in) and am looking forward to seeing your film career and will be following it with much interest. Well hope you bring your one man Mark Twain down south to Las Cruces!

    I wish you the best on the film and hope the finances come through for you.

    God Bless Val,

    Terri Quinones Baca

  6. Val,
    It’s so good to see you posted here. Don’t always know your schedule for your shows but try to keep up with when you will be here in my location, because I will be there watching and listening to your wonderful talent.
    You know I will offer any help I can, goes without saying.
    Your writing and tenacity in making this Inspirational screen play is commendable and it is certainly a work of art and truly your Masterpiece. You are so gifted.
    I am saddened by the news that you have had to make the decision to sell that wonderful property on which you live, such a spiritual place and an inspiration for my writing. Maybe with God’s help you may get to change your mind back again.
    Looking forward to your updated news and your one man show here in the future.
    love & light

  7. Dear Val,

    It is so wonderful you take the time to write here to us about this film and it is with honor that we are invited to participate through donations and follow the development of one of your masterpiece films! I am glad I was able to help out myself with a donation Val!

    I am confident you will discover the right actress for the part to Play Mary Baker Eddy and with pure dedication and commitment, a powerful and inspiring performance will be given. I have always followed your career and fell in love with you when I first saw you in “Top Secret” & “The Saint”. You are truly a gifted actor and stand out from the crowd.

    As you are the director / producer of the film Val, you can take the time you need to make the film everything you want it to be and create one of your very best works.

    I look very much forward Val to seeing the film when it is released, and also look forward to the many more projects you will do in the future.

    ~ Love and luck Val,

    Angela x

  8. Carey says:

    Thinking about this great project, and sharing a thought for the moment… Right ideas always unfold. Grace is about letting it unfold with total reliance on the Mind that knows all. Moment by moment. Very best wishes.

  9. Renee Brinson says:

    It is just so wonderful Val that you take time out of your busy day to talk to us here. I have followed you and your work for years and years. If I have to pick out my favorite so far would have to be Tombstone and The Saint. I believe you are on the right track and you WILL get the funding for Mary Baker Eddy and Mark Twain. The funding will show up and I you don’t have to sell your house to do it. There has to be another way to do it. Lets use your celebrity status and come to Fort Worth Texas and set up something. Something like maybe a concert all to benefit your projects. We have a military base here and could stand alot of people and raise alot of funds. You have a beautiful voice. You could entertain the troops and let them know what your trying to do. They are the most giving group and I believe we could come up with alot more money than you think. I know we could make this happen and your safety would never be and issue there. This could be done here at NAS Fort Worth Texas. Think about it…we have the place to do it and we have your saftey covered! I think its a wonderful idea. If your intrested…let me know. My contact info is right here. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. I love your work and have the up most respect for all you do. Thanks!! Your friend Renee

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